First blog post

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Feeling motivated

Lost 8lbs as of this Sunday 3/19/17. That was huge for me to see the weighting machine needle move backwards and not forward. Last week was the 7 days GM Diet with very little to no cheating. Finally one thing that worked for my stubborn body…

Eating a no-carbs, low calorie diet and being on track to lose the next 40lbs hopefully by June. After a week on this, I want to do cabbage soup diet followed by 5 bite diet. Cant stick with one diet and feel bored the same over and over. I need change and motivation that will help reach my goals.

Will update weekly going forward and post before and after pics once I hit my 1st goal to lose another 10 pounds by the end of the month. So waiting for 3/31 to see the difference in me. If it worked, that will be 18 pounds lost since I started at 190lbs. Ever that happened, nothing can stop me from getting into my teenage clothing again… Am ready for a shopping spree as my wardrobe will have oversized outfits.. ūüėČ

Intermittent fasting treating me well

Just wanted to save my experiences from since I started the intermittent fasting this week. I eat my first meal of the day- typically a banana at 10am. Have a 2-3  refills to my 12oz water bottle. Eat my lunch at 3.30pm and dinner at 5.30pm. I walk moderate speed 2 sessions of 15-20 mts each atleast 4 days a week.

Ever since doing this, I have more energy and not craving sugars and salt. Green tea even helps me get rid of the extra body wastes as I feel it.

Best of all I feel like my tummy is saying thank you to me!! every morning when I wake up my stomach is clear of waste and toxins. I dont feel bloated anymore…

Would like to have more determination to add oatmeal diet to this and wonder what the results would look like.

So far, I havent weighed in. I know that this extra fat didnt come in a week to go away in a week… Will update my weight on March 1st. Would be exciting and motivating if the numbers went down. Or even better if my tops fit better with any inches lost.

Monday madness

Since I posted my first message, honestly I haven’t been able to keep up with either Oatmeal diet nor the Intermittent Fasting… We are in a phase of moving to our new home. Its going to be hectic and stressful now. But I will try my best to keep motivated and do what I can.

My journey to seek health and motivation

Starting point:

Born 35 yrs. ago and raised in India, physical activity isn’t part of daily life unless you are a retired man who walks for passing time.¬†I was a moderate chubby person between 140-150lbs¬†all my adult¬†life, but teenage junk habits got the best out of me and my first child in 2004 added more reasons to be on the verge of being obese. I walked it out and ate healthy¬†go be at¬†my pre-baby weight.¬†Moving to US¬†with 160lbs in 2008, exploring and adventuring healthy variations was exciting. But switching to salad and soup for lunch wasn’t working. Then came along my baby boy last day of 2009. Another happy reason to add more pounds making me step¬†down the scale with 180 pounds.

After a year into baby weight mode, I went to some personal problems and depression topped up my already overweight body. What other reason do I need to add more pounds…I was at 190 lbs.

My life got on the high end of happily ever after roller coaster and I joined a fitness center. Clean eating, regular training with a coach helped me lose weight. In 3 months I was at 173 lbs. and felt confident and energetic than ever. Losing my mother in law suddenly came as a blow and the aftermath of getting in a job routine in early¬†2013¬†didn’t give me enough time for workouts. I was moderating my food and continued life as normal.

My full time job in 2014 helped me add stress to my life and¬†piled up more fat.¬†I don’t remember when and where the link was broken but I have to accept about my eating disorders. I can fast and binge eat at the same rate. By the way I have tried almost every fad diet circulating in magazines and internet. I would lose a couple pounds or lose some water weight sometimes. Nothing was long lasting.

Now with a secure job in July 2016 and walking at least 4-5 days 30mts a week, I eat sensibly most of the time and binge on occasionally with a guilt. But since 6 months I haven’t been able to lose a single ounce.

I googled up every single way out there and have decided to try oatmeal diet with intermittent fasting. And what better way to be motivated than to be accountable on the blog. Hope this journey turns out positive and help me reach my goal.